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Hi, I'm Justin Dean 👋

I’m a church communications coach, author, and speaker. I created this site to provide resources and tips for churches of all sizes. Over 1,500 churches use my church comm plan book and social media planner to stay organized and plan out their year.

I also provide many free resources and my friends and I post helpful tips and content throughout the year. I encourage you to Become an Insider so you don’t miss out. It’s free!

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I’ve developed these practical resources based on my years of knowledge and experience in the church communications space. I wish I had them when I started, and I hope they are helpful for your ministry.

A customizable planning system with copy-and-paste content that helps you map out an entire year of communications and marketing initiatives and keeps you on track all year long.

Helpful communications and marketing tips for practitioners working in the trenches of churches and ministries.

Chris Vacher

The Worship Bully

In our desire for our congregations to seek the good things of God in worship, we can sometimes focus on the experience and not on God.

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Communication & Marketing
Justin Dean

Embracing AI and ChatGPT in Church: A New Era in Content Creation

The world is changing, and the church can change with it, without losing the essence of its mission. By utilizing these AI tools, we can ensure that our messages are not only heard but resonate with our community. These are tools to aid our mission, not to define it. It is our responsibility to use them wisely and to always ensure that our messages align with the teachings and love of Christ.

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decorative cardboard illustration of hand with diagram and dollar coin
Robert Blair

3 Ways Churches Can Increase Giving

All church leaders understand the vital importance of regular, consistent giving in the church; however, it is also helpful for congregants to understand the big picture of how their financial support contributes to the church’s vitality.

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