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5 Content Ideas for Your Church Blog & Social Media

Coming up with content to share from your church blog or social media can be a daunting task sometimes. I always encourage church communications leaders to look at what they already have to work with before dealing with the struggle of coming up with something original and new.


Here are five quick ideas for content you can share today:

1. Share articles that you?re learning from. Show your church that you aren?t in this alone, that you are learning from others. If you read an article from another church or a church leader, share it on your church?s social media and add a comment about what you?re learning from it. Ask the writer if you can post it on your church?s blog as a guest post, or just link to it in a new post and list out the things you are learning from it.


2. Share some posts from your archive. Don?t be afraid to share an older blog post from month?s ago or last year. If it?s still relevant then share it again. People will appreciate the reminder, and chances are many people who missed it the first time will see it again. If it needs some tweaking to make it relevant again, then make the changes and post it as a new post with a link to the old one.


3. Share quick iPhone videos. You don?t have to wait for your video team to professionally produce every video you put out. Grab your iPhone and go ask someone a thought provoking question ? even something simple as ?What is the Lord teaching you this week??. Introduce viewers to one of your volunteers. Do a time-lapse video of what it?s like to walk into service from the parking lot. Create quick two minute videos that show what life is like at your church, and throw them up on Facebook and YouTube.


4. Share quotes from the sermon. I?m always surprised at how many churches are still not doing this. Every week your preaching pastor creates a ton of content for you. As you?re listening to the sermon on Sunday, write down some tweetable quotes. If your pastor prepares notes beforehand, try to get a copy and you may be able to get ahead with the quotes. Then queue them up in Buffer or Hootsuite to go out throughout the week with a link to the sermon video on your website. Take some of them and create Instagram images out of them, using a photo from the service.


5. Share answers to frequently asked questions. As either social media posts or individual blog posts, take some of the questions you here the most and answer them. Chances are you?ve answered them a ton already and have the content ready to go, or the content exists on your site but you can highlight it in a blog post.

Some examples could be:

  • Where?s the best place to park for families?
  • How do I become a church member?
  • What is our mission statement and what does it mean?
  • What is our statement of faith?
  • What is communion?
  • What does our church teach children during service?
  • How do I join a small group?


There are many other options for creating content or repurposing the content you already have. Take a look around to see what you have to work with. Then once you have a list of ideas, put them into a content calendar so you can schedule them out. A content calendar will keep you organized and show where you have gaps, so you?ll never be desperately trying to find content again.

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