Resources and Tips for Church Communicators

Hi, I'm Justin Dean

I created this site to provide church communications resources and tips for churches of all sizes. Over 1,500 churches use my church comm plan book and social media planner each year to stay organized and plan out their year.

I also provide many free resources and content throughout the year, and encourage you to join our list so you don’t miss out.

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About Justin Dean

Justin Dean is an entrepreneur, author, and marketing leader.

He served as the Communications Director at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, is the author of PR Matters: A Survival Guide for Church Communicators, and is the creator of That Church Conference.

He currently leads Marketing at Tithely, an online giving provider and the global leader in church technology. He lives in North Georgia with his wife and four kids.

“Church Comm” is short for  “Church Communications” and encompasses the various ways in which a church shares information and connects with its members, attendees, and the wider community.

This includes traditional methods such as bulletins, newsletters, and posters, as well as more modern methods such as social media, websites, and email.

The goal of church communications is to keep people informed, involved, and connected with the church, as well as to share the church’s message and mission with others. Effective church communications can help build community and support within the church, and can also help attract new members.

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