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Book: 7 practical Steps to help ministries launch or revamp their current digital strategy.

Anyone working with churches has most likely seen or experienced it – the intense struggle of creating a comprehensive, welcoming digital ministry presence that captures information, connects with worshipers, and communicates effectively with your audience, both online and offline.

True, there are a lot of resources out there but we know many of you may not have the time (or the right people) to wade through them, looking for the gems.

For a larger percentage, it?s A LOT EASIER to follow a simple, practical, step-by-step process.

That?s why a group of Christian marketers, including myself (will tell you more about us later on), looked at this specific target market and created a simple, 7-step process for creating or revamping a church?s digital strategy.

Just so we?re on the same page, a church digital strategy is all about being intentional in the way you use your digital tools to minister to your congregation and share Jesus with your community. In other words, it is an online replication of the offline experiences of visitors to your church.

For example: in your physical church, you have a definite process for integrating newcomers into your ministry, including: getting to know them; pointing them to church groups or classes; encouraging them to commit or recommit to Jesus; and then empowering them to discipleship and leadership. Taking these steps online replicates your offline process continuously. This is ?church online? – a 24/7 cycle of evangelism.


Why is having a comprehensive, communicative digital strategy SO important?

In the last 12 months, over 17 million American adults who don?t regularly attend worship services visited the website of a local church or place of worship.

As you well know, churches need to be like Jesus, going to where people gather to spread the good news.

But where is it exactly that people gather?

The answer is: mostly on social networks via their phones while on the go.

So, how do today?s churches reach this global, mobile and social generation who are hungry for authentic, spiritual experiences that they can access online and on their phones?

The answer is: by creating a digital strategy and then MAINTAINING it – an ongoing task that takes more than the initial setup.

For many churches (or new church plants on a budget), knowing the whys, wheres, and hows are more important than following up on every good marketing trend. In fact, if churches are able to establish the base of their church communications, it is then easier to jump on new waves such as Snapchat, PokeMon Go, or explore VR 3D experiences.

In September 2015, I reached out to different Christian marketers with the intention of forming a supportive mastermind group. Our goal was to help each other as we helped churches succeed. The Master Mind Group for Christian Marketers (MMG4CM) was born.

We never intended to write a book but while ?masterminding?, we began to realize a need. We realized that our combined digital marketing knowledge would be helpful to churches who are not looking for full consultation but just want help on what to do next. Giving them that help in a book seemed like the right thing to do, so we did.

As a result of this expert, joint effort, our book, Re-THINK.Ministry – The 7 practical Steps to help ministries plant new churches or revamp their current digital strategy is a professional, common sense guide. It is great for churches who are struggling to keep up and don’t want (or can?t afford) a digital strategist.

For each of the 7 Steps, our book…

  • explains why this step is important.
  • defines the step so it is clear what you are working towards.
  • leads you through the process of how to accomplish it.
  • gives how much estimates of time and money.
  • shows the when on a progressive timetable.

The 7-Step process will help improve your online to offline conversion, it will save you the important resources of time, money, and energy while you do it.

Join with Katie Allred and Re-THINK.Ministry to take up the ?responsibility of your duty to share the hope of Jesus in an effective, impactful, and relevant way for our times?.

Yes, I?m ready for to read my copy (free promotion ends 07/21/2016) of your 7-Step Guide.

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