Church Communications resources and tips from Justin Dean

12 Ways To Create An Awesome Easter Online Experience

Last year many churches did Easter online for the first time. Since it was new and rushed we didn’t put our best foot forward. But it’s now a year later so there’s no reason why your online experience can’t be awesome in 2021.

The Role of a Lyric Operator

The Lyric Operator is key to presenting lyrics and media content on your screens during your worship service or event.

The Role of a Live Video Producer

You’re more valuable when you work yourself out of as many jobs as you possibly can. Raise up leaders like a Volunteer Video Producer to help you and the team execute your Sunday worship services with excellence.

Planning Ahead for Christmas

Imagine it’s October 3. Hypothetically speaking. You’re drinking your pumpkin spice beverage. (Don’t hate.) You’re enjoying the changing of the color of the leaves. Perhaps you’re sitting out by the fire pit. Maybe in full-on planning mode for your church’s Fall Festival. Then it dawns on you: You’re less than 90 days from Christmas and […]

The Promo Request Checklist

How do you handle promotions & communications requests? As a church communications or marketing person, receiving promotions requests from every which way is pretty common. You get emails, you get text messages, you get cornered in the bathroom, and in the hallway. How many times this week have you been asked to “drop into a […]

Why Every Church Should Do A Family Fall Festival Event

I love community-wide events. Love ‘em! But I didn’t always. When I was a Comms Director, I thought  that they were an interruption, required too much promotional effort, and if we were doing them correctly – required even more effort after it was all over to follow up with everyone from the community who attended. […]