Church Communications resources and tips from Justin Dean

How the Fear of Sacrifice is Holding Us Back

There are an estimated 2.5 billion Christians in the world and each and every one has the distinct honor to share Christ’s love with others, using the talents and gifts He has so generously given us for His glory. Yet, less than 1% of Christians are engaged in cross-cultural missions. A gap exists between what […]

How Pastors Can Provide Relief in a Pandemic of Grief

In the wave of optimism emerging as COVID-19 infections fall in the United States, it’s easy to lose sight of the millions who will suffer for years to come as a result of the pandemic. These are the people who’ve lost a loved one because of the virus. Their grief is complicated, long-lasting and requires […]

3 Common Mistakes in Church Capital Campaigns & How to Avoid Them

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to an effective church capital campaign. However, there are simple ways to avoid typical pitfalls to ensure your church is set up for success.  Whether your church is planning a capital campaign soon, you’re gearing up to write your capital campaign’s landing page, or you’re in the middle a campaign […]

Reducing Safe, Spacious & Sanitized Protocols

Now that national and local infection rates are reducing and the vaccine is rolling out we are looking to systematically reduce our protocols in waves. Our desire is to give our guests greeter freedom while still staying safe.

Love is Hard

Whether you’ve been following Jesus for decades or you’re still on the fence about God, loving people can be painful, uncomfortable, exhausting, and even grueling at times. Love can hurt.

My Failed Twitter Experiment

I tried splitting my Twitter accounts, one for personal and one for business, but here’s why I’m going back and what I learned.

The Future of the Digital Church

Watch this free webinar for practical tips to help your church thrive online, as we face the challenges of COVID-19 and beyond.

The New Giving Options

Amid the #COVID19 chaos, churches need to shift their strategy when it comes to tithes and offerings.