Church Communications resources and tips from Justin Dean

Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

Do you struggle with feeling “good enough?” When we begin to live lives where we seek to glorify God and point people to Jesus, we do things differently and we approach life more intentionally. When we are faithful and intentional about what we do, our personal goal of being “good enough” doesn’t matter, Jesus does.

What Are You Really Asking?

I don’t know yet what you’re really asking, but I know it’s not about a budget worksheet or about the content of your staff meeting each week. Before you make up what the other person is thinking and live like that’s the truth, ask them in a way that opens to door to hearing their genuine response.

Be Friends with Your Pastor

Us and Them. That?s a way of thinking that polarizes and divides any good company, community, or relationship. However, it?s often the way that church communicators and pastors view the relationship.

How to Master Facebook Marketing Without Ads

Facebook has been around for years and some marketers are able to make a minor fortune by using Facebook. However, when you go to imitate the methods they are using and are not getting the instant results you could be disappointed and give up. This is your first mistake because you should never give up […]

Using Mentoring Skills in #ChurchComm

Before I was a Church Comm person I was a Pilates Instructor, and before that, I volunteered as a mentor and trainer for a non-profit online eating disorder support community. As I learn more and more about the world of church marketing and communications, I recognize 3 aspects of mentoring that improve the quality of […]

How to Understand Satire

In a world filled with fake news and conspiracy theories, we need humor and satire more than ever.

My Failed Twitter Experiment

I tried splitting my Twitter accounts, one for personal and one for business, but here’s why I’m going back and what I learned.

The Future of the Digital Church

Watch this free webinar for practical tips to help your church thrive online, as we face the challenges of COVID-19 and beyond.