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Embracing AI and ChatGPT in Church: A New Era in Content Creation

The world is changing, and the church can change with it, without losing the essence of its mission. By utilizing these AI tools, we can ensure that our messages are not only heard but resonate with our community. These are tools to aid our mission, not to define it. It is our responsibility to use them wisely and to always ensure that our messages align with the teachings and love of Christ.

3 Ways Churches Can Increase Giving

decorative cardboard illustration of hand with diagram and dollar coin

All church leaders understand the vital importance of regular, consistent giving in the church; however, it is also helpful for congregants to understand the big picture of how their financial support contributes to the church’s vitality.

The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Church Management Software for Your Congregation

Discover the benefits of using church management software for your ministry in this helpful and informative blog post. Learn why ChMS is essential for streamlining your church operations, managing attendance and donations, and engaging with your community. Plus, find out why Breeze Church Management Software is the top choice for churches looking for a reliable and user-friendly solution.

Fun 404 Pages

A 404 page is where you are directed to when a link is broken. Every website has them, but not every organization takes the effort to make theirs fun and reflect this value.

7 Game Changing New Features of Pro Presenter 7

ProPresenter 7 is absolutely incredible. There are so many new things that are going to serve the people using this program and allow churches to continue to elevate and enhance their worship experiences.