Church Communications resources and tips from Justin Dean

Re-programming Online Church

What worked last week in a physical service may not be the most effective in the future with online streaming.

The Role of a Lyric Operator

The Lyric Operator is key to presenting lyrics and media content on your screens during your worship service or event.

The Role of a Live Video Producer

You’re more valuable when you work yourself out of as many jobs as you possibly can. Raise up leaders like a Volunteer Video Producer to help you and the team execute your Sunday worship services with excellence.

Annoyed With Christmas Music?

As a pastor, you are responsible for leading and shepherding your church. Part of that role involves pointing out things others miss. And you have that responsibility with Christmas music.

Leading Lyrics

We’ve all been there – you’re singing along and you’re 2 lines into the next slide before the operator advances to the next slide of lyrics. It?s brutal. I mean brutal.
It feels like the congregation is on a roller coaster ride of singing together.
Being late on leading lyrics halts the worship of your people.

What I’ve Learned By Writing Books of the Bible By Hand

I have a theory. It goes like this?the people who knew God?s word better than anyone else were probably those monks who used to copy the Bible by hand back in medieval times.?To put that theory into (limited) practice, I decided to do something similar.

Spotify: The New Mixtape

In most social media channels, the primary focus is geared towards getting the user to look at your content. But what if we created a tangible way for them to use our social media channels throughout daily life?