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West Ridge Church’s Easter Logo Design

West Ridge Church approached me to work on their 2015 Easter packaging back in January to see if I could help them out. I?ve worked with them in the past?even last year with their Easter logo design. They also had another series they were working on after Easter that they wanted to see if I could work on simultaneously.

They sent me a creative brief detailing the design ideas and sketching out what sort of deliverables they wanted.

The original brief?for Easter was going to be typography based?the hand-lettering style that?s really popular right now. They also wanted it to be available for multiple deliverable items. The styling had to match across all pieces, so we had to find a font that they could use. That was the first step?finding a font that looked custom but would also be available for other text.

So I went to researching a font that would work for that. I came across Manhattan Darling. I mocked up an idea, and after showing it to Phil and the team we knew it would work perfectly. Then I started the actual design process.

For the Easter logo, I didn?t want to leave the font untouched because some of the repeating letters (e?s, a?s, and t?s) would give away the fact that it was a font. So I drew out a couple of other letters that looked like the same style but had a different feel to it. (You can see that in the video.)

My process is this: When I look through the brief, I get a feel for what they like. Then I close it out and go to sleep. I don?t want to refer back to the mood images so I don?t find myself copying artwork. That allows me to get the feel and inspiration of what the client wants.[quote]I don?t want to refer back to the mood images so I don?t find myself copying artwork.[/quote]

There was a point where we were heading toward a cool blue color scheme, but we realized that might be too close to what they?d sent me for inspiration. Neither of us wanted that. Obviously nothing?s original, but at the same time you want to do something different and that?s right for the project.

So we settled on the gold look, which happens to be one of my favorite colors.

Take a look at some of the in-process work and the deliverables I sent to the team to get an idea of the whole process.

[tentblogger-youtube ThEL1wuxpIo]

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