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Easter Worship at West Ridge

This year for their Easter worship services, the Creative Arts Team at West Ridge Church is planning a few worship songs for their set list as well as a few key service elements to prepare people for the message and to promote an upcoming series called “Elephant in the Church”.

In order to choose the worship songs, they asked themselves this: “If we were telling the Easter story solely through the lyrics of our songs, what would we pick?” That?question led the process for picking and planning these songs.

Easter Worship Set List

Details on a Few Key Elements

Intro Video

They?are starting the service off with a text-driven intro video. The goal of this is to introduce the problem?and conflict of their?service: ?Is Jesus really alive?? Their?goal for this first element of the service is to have a??yes, that?s me? moment?with their?audience. They’ll?do that with the direction of the text and questions they?include with the video.

Visually, they’ll?be tying in their?Easter art direction,?using a handwritten?typography feel?that they?used with the art.

“Blessed Assurance”

Starting off with Elevation Worship?s ?Blessed Assurance? establishes their?foundation for?the service?that this is our?story. It’s a story of a Savior who reigns victorious over death?who rescued us.

“Oh what a Savior, wonderful Jesus, death could not hold You, you are victorious, praise to the risen king. This is my story, this is my song, praising my Savior all the day long.?


The words of the song ?Alive? practically tell the story of their?theme for the?Easter worship service.

“You are alive in us. Nothing can take your place. You are all we need. Your love has set us free.?

“At The Cross (Love Ran Red)”

At this point in the service, they?want to setup their?Pastor with an energetic song that will engage the audience?and set him up?for success. They?also want to create a foundation for their?Pastor to tell the story of Jesus??death,?burial, and resurrection. They?want?to establish that Jesus is alive, and that He is where our hope is found.

“Here my hope is found, here on holy ground, here I bow down. Here arms open wide, here You save my life, here I bow down, here I bow down.”


As a response song to the message, they?found that this song??Forever? perfectly summed up the story of Easter.

“Forever He is glorified; forever He is lifted high. Forever He is risen, He is alive, He is alive.”

Promo for?New Series

Easter is important. But so is the next?week. They’re?extremely intentional about creating momentum and building interest about what?s happening the?next week so that they?can capitalize on this?time where so many people from their?community are at the church.

This promo video will be a?teaser for their?next series??Elephant in the Church.? The big idea of series is: “What are those topics that everyone thinks about, but never talks about? There?s an elephant in the church. Let?s talk about it.”

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