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Facebook Wants You to Use Them at Work

Facebook uploaded a new demo app today to the iOS App Store called Facebook at Work. It seems they’re answering some of the new work-based social media apps?like Slack.

There isn’t much information about how Facebook at Work will work quite yet…but at the moment it’s free and doesn’t have access to Facebook ads or apps. My guess is it will be a closed social networking system that allows coworkers and teams to collaborate by sending links, files, and photos. It’s also a way to replace the water cooler or coffee pot.

If they come through on the product, this could be a huge resource for the church. Imagine collaborating on a service or even scheduling your volunteers through this app. Where Planning Center does a great job at creating a service plan and assigning different people to different roles, Facebook at Work could create a collaborative and social environment for small teams like staff members or ministry groups.

Regardless, it’s further proof that Facebook is trying to make themselves the center for communication in people’s lives.

Reportedly they’re coming out with an Android app soon so more people can get in on the testing.

What are your hopes and dreams for the app? Do you hope it crashes and burns? Or do you hope it’s a way to not get in trouble for watching so many cat videos at work? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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