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7 Free Stock Photo Sites

You might not realize, but there are plenty of great free stock photo sites out their. Most of these?websites publish the photos under the Creative Commons Zero license, which means you’re pretty good to use these images however you like. (The rest of the licenses are so similar, you probably won’t notice the difference.)

We’ve put together a list of our favorites. They’re great options for social media and blog photos?or even sermon series artwork if you can find the perfect image for what you’re designing.

So without further ado, here are seven?free stock photo sites.



This is the free stock photo site?most people know about. They release ten new photos every ten days. Many of Sunday| Mag’s graphic designers use these public domain photos for their editorial pieces.

Little Visuals


The owner of this site died suddenly?over a year ago.?But the resource is still live with some great work.

Jay Mantri


Seven new free stock photos release each Thursday.



This site adds new stock photos weekly. Plus, they display theirs in a two-column manner which makes it a much faster scroll to find the perfect free stock photo.



This site is a bit sluggish and ad-filled. Plus they aren’t Creative Commons Zero, they for churches’ purposes you probably won’t discover a difference in your ability to use them.

Life of Pix


This site offers their free stock photos under public domain license. That means zero restrictions whatsoever. And they have a great diversity of shots you can probably use all over your church.

Stock Snap


This site probably has the largest library of free stock photos, though the quality isn’t always guaranteed with each photo. But on the plus side, they have a search feature!



While isn’t a free stock photo site, it’s worth mentioning in this article since I put the resource together. It’s $5/month for access to the full searchable library with super high quality photos from some well-known Instagrammers. Check it out if you need a more reliable source of stock photos for your projects.

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