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INSIDERS get exclusive access and weekly marketing coaching from church communications advisor, Justin Dean. Stay on top of church marketing trends, get weekly tips and practical teaching, free resources, and exclusive access – all without breaking the budget or your schedule.

What’s Included With Membership

Weekly 10-15 minute video from Justin Dean

Get timely tips and marketing updates live from Justin every week. Stay current with the latest trends and news and learn how it affects your church. Everything is on-demand so you can go at your own pace.

Weekly Action Plan

Each week you’ll receive an action plan worksheet to help you execute what you’re learning, as well as practical resources built to help make you more effective, not slow you down.

Free resources & services from partners

Each week you’ll get a new free resource from mission-minded companies and partners, including early access to SundayU content. Everything from free books, free trials, social media images, and other practical resources.

Private Facebook Group for collaboration

You’ll get access to a private Facebook group where you can easily access all the content on the go, as well as collaborate with other members and stay in contact with Justin Dean.

Why You Need This

You Can't Continue to Go It Alone

Church communications can be a lonely job. Get on-going training and the support of a community and coach who is available to you every step of the way.

This Will Save You Time

Courses and classes are great, and you read all the blogs… but it’s a lot to keep up with and you don’t always have the time. INSIDERS get timely content and updates in short on-demand bursts so you don’t waste your time.

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New Content Every Week

Sign up now and you’ll have access to everything that’s been posted already, including these action plans:

  • How to use a Church Communications Calendar
  • How to set up a Communications Request Form
  • Photography Etiquette and Legal Concerns
  • Take the Ditch the Bulletin Challenge
  • Facebook Groups vs Pages
  • How to Recruit and Manage Social Media Volunteers

Who Should Sign Up?

Anyone who wants to become a church communications and marketing pro or stay connected with new trends, resources, and training.

  • Church Communicators
  • Pastors and Church Planters
  • Church Marketers
  • Church Social Media Managers
  • Media Volunteers

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What Others Are Saying



Best-Selling Author and Founding Pastor of Connexus Church

“Justin knows communication. He not only led communication through one of the most difficult moments in the church in the last 20 years, but he has coached leaders in great seasons as well. If you want to understand church communications, you need to listen to Justin Dean.”



Author, Former XP Mars Hill Church

“There are probably only a handful of people in the world with Justin Dean’s experience of overseeing the 582k Twitter followers, 320k Facebook followers, 250k weekly website visitors, and 100k weekly podcasters. The hard lessons he has learned are a blessing for all churches across the world.”

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