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Jimmy Fallon Sings a Song as Bono and Kills It

If you haven’t seen it yet, Jimmy Fallon channeled Bono in a recent episode of his show.?And he absolutely killed the performance.

[tentblogger-youtube oANxjUgbVFQ]

Bono couldn’t make it to the taping of the show. So Jimmy thought it would be a fun?idea to try performing ‘Desire’ in character. He didn’t parody. He just did it. And he was certainly no Bono, but it was awesome nonetheless.

When I think about a Tonight Show host tackling this sort of thing, I can’t imagine I’d enjoy it.?It would come across as either silly or boring. Yet I couldn’t help but watch the whole thing and smile.

I think there are a few reasons Jimmy Fallon pulled this off. And I think these are the same things that can help us pull off our ideas in our churches.

1. He didn’t take himself too seriously.

The easiest thing in the world would be to parody this or to just avoid doing it completely. I imagine Jimmy was terribly nervous to?take on this sort of performance. It was outside of his norm. Yet he tried it and didn’t appear too concerned with how he looked or sounded (though he looked and sounded great).

2. He had fun with it.

Fun is contagious. When Jimmy’s having fun doing this performance, we’re having fun. Smiles beget smiles.

3. He?took a risk.

Combine the first two reasons with this, and you have a winner. I love seeing people take risks. And I think even if it had failed miserably at the performance, it would have been okay because he didn’t take himself seriously and had fun with it. Not only that, he had a skilled team that was willing to take the risk and to do what they needed to do to make it a success. This was a lot of work.

What do you think of Jimmy’s performance? Did he do Bono justice? Why do you think people love him so much as the new Tonight Show host?

[Thanks to Drew Brown for finding this.]

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