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Leadership and the Creative Team ? Easter at West Ridge

Jonathan Malm (Sunday| Mag’s editor) and Phil Bowdle (Creative Arts Director?at West Ridge) sit down over a Google Hangout to talk about the leadership challenges presented to the creative team this Easter.

[tentblogger-youtube iSKHN0OYG40]

Highlights from the Video

(1:00) – A brand new creative team since Phil took over the Creative Arts Pastor role.[quote]It’s better to find the right person for the long haul than fill a spot in your roster.[/quote]

(4:40) – A focus on creativity throughout the whole church?even in kids, youth, etc. The team is focusing on all of that.

(8:10) – Tips on how to adjust job descriptions and reach for new excellence in your creative team.

(9:56) – Cultural values Phil is trying to bring into the creative team of West Ridge.

(11:50) – A revolutionary new idea to welcome first-time guests using social media.

(13:00) – What can we say “no” to so we can say “yes” to the most important things.[quote]Our tendency is to do the urgent, not the important.[/quote]

(15:50) – How do you set the standard of excellence for your creative team?

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