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The Perfect Tech Worker

Everybody?s working for the weekend. But, as church leaders, we work hard during the week so we can work even more on the weekend. It?s not always easy, but we do it because we are passionate about it, and it?s our desire to reach people for Christ through the messages we communicate.

Having a team that is strong and executes everything perfectly is important to the weekend?s success. But what does a perfect team look like in a tangible sense? What can you be doing as a leader to cultivate that in how you lead your team and how you train up new leaders?

Leaders Create New Leaders

We?ve all heard about that church that has that one person who does everything all the time.?Maybe that person is you. I can think of very few times when this is a good situation. Is that at all healthy for anyone involved??Probably not.[quote]The perfect team starts with at least two people.[/quote]

The perfect team starts with at least two people.?If you?re flying solo each weekend, I encourage you to find someone else to bring along with you as you walk through your weekend-to-weekend responsibilities. Always be asking who you can train and grow to help fill your shoes. Maybe it?s a new attendee in your congregation or that teenager that always seems to slow down and crane their neck as they walk past the production booth.?I encourage you to step outside you comfort zone, leave the booth, and ask that person if they?re willing to serve alongside you. The perfect team doesn?t start out doing everything perfectly; it starts small and grows into something great over time.

Serve Outside of Production/Tech

It?s easy to become narrow-minded. It?s important to remember that ministry happens outside of our tech teams.?I think we lose sight of that sometimes, so it is important to serve in some other capacity from time to time. In recent years, I?ve led an international missions trip with our church. Maybe there?s a building project that needs some volunteer assistance to save the church money, or maybe they just need help cleaning things up after they?re done working.?You may even consider serving somewhere outside the church with other organizations.?Regardless, it?s a way to meet new people and see what God does in ministries aside from tech.?It?s a great way to stretch your leadership and exercise different ?muscles? that you might not really be using working within a tech team.?What new perspective can you find and what ideas can you bring back and translate to work with your team?[quote]It?s important to remember that ministry happens outside of our tech teams.[/quote]

Take Time to Worship

Just because you?re in a worship service doesn?t mean you?re worshipping.?Just because the pastor is praying for everyone to be filled doesn?t mean you?re being filled. It?s pretty hard to fill something up while it?s already busy pouring something out.?Doesn?t that just create a ridiculous mental picture? Make sure you and your team are finding a time to make sure they?re being poured into and filled up. Whether that means serving every other weekend, serving through Sunday morning services and then attending Sunday night or Saturday night services, or if that means creating an intentional small group for the techs you lead or serve alongside, it?s important and should not be overlooked.[quote]Just because you?re in a worship service doesn?t mean you?re worshipping.[/quote]

Being a strong team and working hard to do everything with excellence is great. But you can’t always do it yourself. Surround yourself with other people who are passionate to learn and do life with them, serve with them, worship with them, and spend time with them in other ways. Keep the relationships strong and you’ll keep the team strong.

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