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Plan Your Church Communications Calendar for the Entire Year

The Church Comm® Plan Book

The Church Comm® Plan Book is a customizable planning system that you can edit and make your own. It helps you map out your entire year of communications and marketing initiatives at your church, and keeps you on track all year long.

It’s the ultimate toolkit for every church communications leader.




12+ Planners & Schedules to Keep You Organized

Monthly Planning Sheets

Beautiful pre-filled plan sheets help you plan out each month. Just plug in your info using our easy 10-step process. We also include a sermon series planning guide and everything you need to run successful planning meetings.

Sunday Planner

Use our templates to plan out announcements and other key communications tasks for all 52 Sundays of the year.

Sermon Series Planner

The sermon series planner tool will help your communications & creative team as you think through the critical questions needed to plan a new sermon series.

Planning Meeting Guide

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to coordinate & lead planning sessions to get everyone on the same page each quarter.

Personal Daily Planners

Focus, reflect and plan. Our daily planner templates will help you stay on track and keep you accountable.

Personal Focus Planner

Get focused on personal growth and development and track your progress from month to month.

Content Schedules + Communications Calendar

Plan out every communication from stage announcements, to blog posts, emails, social media, and other types of content for the year using our easy-to-use content schedule and communications calendar.

Project Brief Template

Every project should start with a Project Brief. We show you how to use it, and provide a customizable template for you.

Reflections Worksheets

Use our worksheets to reflect on what worked and what didn’t each month, so you can adjust your strategy throughout the year.

Add-On the Social Media Planner!

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Never be without something to post again!

Take away the stress of thinking up clever things to post, and free up your time to focus on engaging your audience. The Social Media Planner Add-On includes a custom scheduling calendar and something engaging to post every day of the year, and more!

365+ days of social media posts planned out for you!

We did the work for you! Get daily post ideas laid out in an easy to use calendar you can manage online. Schedule posts in advance or pick and choose what you want to use as you go.

Copy. Paste. Done!

Includes copy and paste engagement questions, quotes, and posts designed to get your audience more involved and engaging with your channels.

Get the Church Comm® PlanBook + Social Planner Now
& You Can Get Back to Focusing On Your Ministry

+ Add-On the Social Media Planner for only $10 more!

Just what you need to get ahead and STAY ahead all year long.

Your team will love having a guide to work from throughout the year. Your pastors will love you for being so organized and on top of things. More importantly, you’ll be able to manage communications for your church more effectively and efficiently