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I’m a new dad, kind of, 8 1/2 months in to this whole dad gig. I love it. My son is healthy, giggles, is crawling a little and growing each day. At first it was a bit rough, but it has gotten much, much better.

To the point of this whole rest and being a dad.

I’m sure you have seen this scenario played out wether you are a parent or not: Child is excessively fussy or down right screaming bloody murder and nothing calms them down and we, adults, can take a highly educated guess on what is going on.

The child is tired. But refuses to sleep.

Let me be honest. I don’t understand why children refuse to sleep.

This past Sunday morning I was helping one of our campuses with worship, so I left my wife and son pretty early in the morning to make it there on time. Judah, my son, does this whole “Let’s wake up at 5:00am and then nap at 6:30/6:45am.”

Uh… Why not stay sleeping and help out your favorite people kid? He doesn’t get it, even though we tell him our great plan each night as we put him to sleep. No avail.

Text from my wife Elizabeth 7:00am- Judah grabbed my phone…

Me: He’s up again

E: Don’t get me started.

By 8:00am Elizabeth finally got him to nap/sleep?after a cry filled morning. Pretty usual with this little man.

After I read those texts and a friend asked me how my family is doing I relayed the ordeal to them but added my own thoughts about it.

“If someone told me I had to lay down and rest, I’d be all for that! Who doesn’t want to relax and take a nap?! I hear jokes all the time about getting a nap in but we don’t because of this thing called ‘Life.”

Let’s be honest for a minute if we can. Who actually would lay down and nap if we were encouraged to do so? I bet we would all raise our hands saying, “Uh. YES! I’ll take one for the team and nap.” ?But when was the last time we rested? When was the last time you intentionally put your phone down, closed the computer, disconnected and spent time with friends, family or even alone doing nothing?

I believe rest is essential.

Batteries need recharged.

Engines need to cool.

Curling Irons need to cool (So I’ve heard…)

We see the videos flying around social media about countries that work 30-35 hours a week and aren’t stressed (wouldn’t that be nice)?

You get the point.

We wear our 40-60 hour work week as a badge of honor. Many wear it dignity and a sort of honor and look down on someone that works 40 hours and will stop. Why is that? Why is it a bad thing to work less?

Can we stop comparing and waging this ridiculous “war of work” and relax. Enjoy life. Enjoy the people around you. Take a nap. It’s only work.

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