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The Challenges

You want tech challenges? had some major tech challenges to overcome last year during preparations for their Christmas Spectacular.

Marty, their new creative arts pastor, came on staff in early November. Shortly after, their lighting director Steve came on staff. Marty?s first initiative, after coming on staff, was to upgrade their lighting, acoustical, and audio systems. The goal: completely upgrade the systems before the Christmas Spectacular?only one month away.

An upgrade like this already meant a bunch of juggling for their weekend services. But then they needed some serious rehearsal time to put together this massive Christmas program they had planned. They were already juggling three balls. Then they threw another two into the mix.

Church on the Move (a couple hours away) suggested an audio company for Marty and the team to use. They were really pleased with the installers?so pleased, in fact, that Marty hired one of the engineers to run sound during the Christmas Spectacular. (He worked at Church on the Move, and they graciously lent them his skills.)

Eventually that led to hiring the guy on recommendation from Church on the Move. Add one more new employee less than a month away from Christmas!

So many of the critical production staff were less than a month old at their new jobs. New team. New technologies.

But they pulled it off.

They put the finishing touches on the sound system one week before the Christmas Spectacular and made it happen.

The lesson is this. There will always be challenges. Perhaps your challenges this Christmas won?t be as large as theirs, but you?ll have them. The good news is that you can do it. Even though your obstacles may seem insurmountable, it?s possible?whether you?re working with new team members or brand new systems. It?s possible.

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