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This year, Willow Creek Community Church kept their visuals very simple. They didn?t have a big theme planned ? they were focusing on a Christmas service for their community. They put most of their visual prowess into the feature film they showed during their services. They let that be the big eye candy since that was the main message they were trying to get across.

Live Visuals

So they kept their live visuals to a minimum. They had about two lines of text centered, lower thirds over their IMAG on their screens. They stuck with a blue palette (opting to stay away from reds and greens or holly and falling snow). And there were no bumpers or sermon graphics. It was very simple ? allowing the feature film to shine.

Promotional Graphics

They kept the same philosophy in their promotional graphics. Instead of going over the top with amazing visuals, they went for a simple, Christmas look. They sent to their surrounding community a series of mail outs leading up to their Christmas services. They were simple invitations to a simple Christmas service.

Lessons to Learn

Sometimes visual artists can get so wrapped up in their art that they forget the simple magic of Christmas. Folks aren?t looking for over the top when it comes to Christmas. They want to celebrate their traditions with their families.

And when we go over the top for everything, we?re promising a bunch. If you over-promise and under-deliver, people remember that. They aren?t as likely to trust your next graphic design piece that will ?single-handedly change their life?.

Keep things simple. Under-promise and over-deliver. It might seem boring. But it?s the most effective option for your church. Your congregation will be the ones lauding your Christmas services and special events to their friends and family.

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