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Passion ? Let The Future Begin


Although I?m in love with the Passion Conference, I?m actually pretty disappointed by this album. Five of the fourteen songs are sung by Chris Tomlin, while another four are sung by Kristian Stanfill. Every other artist featured only gets one song on the latest release. Additionally, this album seems a tad overproduced. I love great production. But the raw, live atmosphere that happened at Passion 2013 doesn?t seem to translate here. Most of these songs seem like studio tracks with applause added in.

That being said, there are some great songs you?re certainly going to want to consider for your upcoming worship sets, so I would say this album is still worth picking up.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

God?s Great Dance Floor – This song is super fun. Especially if you can somehow get your congregation to dance.
Once and For All – Powerful worship anthem that?ll fit great almost anywhere in your service.
Burning In My Soul – Perfect worship service opener. Bonus points if you implement pyrotechnics.

Bethel Music ? Without Words


Bethel Music has had many successful worship album releases in the past few years, and with Without Words they decided to mix it up a bit by creating an album…without words. That?s right, the title is literal. This is an instrumental worship album. I?ll be completely honest, when I first heard about the idea, but didn?t hear the actual album, I thought it was kind of pointless. However, giving the full album a listen quickly changed my perspective.

There are many different great uses for this album. The first being personal worship. As worship and creative leaders, so often we get caught up in our weekend responsibilities of leading others in worship, that sometimes we never really spend that special worship time with God. This album is a great way to do that. The second great use is for worship nights and special events. If you?re like me, often you?ll want to choose a calmer, more instrumental piece for worship night pre-service music.

It?s a great album.

Glenn Packiam ? The Mystery of Faith


I always enjoy Glenn Packiam?s music. In an acoustic-guitar-led worship culture, songs can start sounding the same very quickly. Glenn leads from the piano.

But what I really like about this album is the feeling of history you get when you listen to it. It harkens back to Christianity?s earlier roots. It pulls from liturgical prayers and readings that add a certain depth to the album.

It definitely isn’t your typical top-40 worship album. But if you?d like to hear something a bit different, I?d check this album out.

Worship Central ? Let it Be Known


If you?ve missed the old Soul Survivor albums, Worship Central picks up nicely where they left off. It?s a great movement in the UK of worship leaders writing great music.

Although this album starts slowly (not in tempo, rather in listen-ability), it has some great gems sprinkled throughout. There?s even some wonderfully creative musicality ? especially if you love sequencing. I?d definitely check out the recommended tracks.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

Let it Be Known – Starts off like a cheesy, 90?s rap song then gets hipster electronic. Lovely rap bit in the center too.
Kingdom Coming – A beautiful song with a rolling rhythm.
Guardian – Wonderful chorus. You?ll find yourself humming it later.
Hallelujah – One of those great choruses you could repeat and crescendo for 10 minutes without getting bored.

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