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Chris Tomlin ? Burning Lights

No one would argue that Chris Tomlin has been one of the most influential worship leaders in the past decade. His first hit studio album came out in 2001, and roughly 12 years later, Chris Tomlin is still writing and recording new music.

Burning Lights features quite a few surprises that keep it from becoming a stereotypical Christian, radio-friendly album.

But don?t worry, halfway through, the album goes back to the familiar formula found in earlier Tomlin albums. Overall, this is a great next step for Chris Tomlin, and I?m glad to see him branching out creatively. If you?re a church worship leader or just love worship music, this is a great album to check out.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) – The catchy chorus and great congregational lyrics make this a perfect song to sing for your weekend services.
God?s Great Dance Floor – This song is just plain fun. It?s perfect for youth worship services, or any service where people will dance.
White Flag – This is number three on my list of favorite Chris Tomlin songs. It has a powerful chorus ? perfect for responsive worship times.


Kim Walker-Smith ? Still Believe

Kim Walker-Smith, most known for her role in the California-based band, Jesus Culture, brings her second solo album,?Still Believe. Kim Walker-Smith?s voice is beautiful, her lyrics are deep and worshipful, and her passion is more evident than ever.

However, if you?re a worship leader looking for some songs to implement in your services, you might be a little disappointed. Many of the songs on this album are either spontaneous or simply don?t fit well in a church worship setting. That doesn?t mean this is a bad album ? it?s very good, in fact. But if you?re looking for the next big thing to do at your church, you probably won?t find it here.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

AliveThis is a great song for a service opener or closer. It?s energetic, upbeat, and catchy.


Hymns of the People ? Phase One and Phase Two

Hymns of the People is an independent, self-funded group that?s dedicated to sharing hymns in a new and creative way. I think they?ve done an incredible job at attaining that goal. Many times, hymns get passed over in our modern worship services because we?ve simply stopped making them interesting. Hymns of the People has introduced new renditions of famous hymns that will surely give them new life in your church.

While many of these songs might not be new for you or your congregation, it?s worth giving these a look to see how you can incorporate them back into your worship services.


BridgeCity – BridgeCity

BridgeCity is a worship band based out of Portland. On their debut self-titled album, they bring an impressive 14 tracks full of worship music. Let me just say ? ?writing that many (good) worship songs isn?t easy. But BridgeCity has pulled off an interesting feat by releasing a full-length album filled with creative instrumentation and lyrics that are anything but clich?.

Their sound reminds me a lot of Elevation Worship. If you?re a worship leader, I highly recommend checking out this album.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

Let Faith AriseThis is an upbeat, anthemic song ? great for service starters.
Show Us Your GloryThis song is especially good for a special worship night, but would work well in any worship set.
Our God ReignsThis is fun, upbeat, and catchy. What more can you ask for in a worship opener?

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