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Bellarive – The Heartbeat

I can?t pinpoint exactly what it is, but Bellarive has a remarkable charm to them. I first heard them last summer on a Relevant Magazine sampler with the song ?Love Has Found Us?, which I fell in love with. In fact, I had it on my wake-up alarm playlist for quite a while.

Bellarive accomplishes something most worship bands can?t pull off ? deep and powerful lyrics. I?ve heard tons of musically sound worship bands, but none seem to achieve meaningful lyrics. This is where Bellarive shines the most. In fact, I almost feel like they?re writing modern-day Psalms.

Overall, I absolutely love this album. It?s definitely in my top 3 worship albums of 2012.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

  • ?Love Has Found Us? – This passionate anthem pretty much sums up our lives as Christians.
  • ?Taste of Eternity? – This song is one of my favorites on this album.
  • ?Sing? – This song has proven to me that you don?t need words to make an incredible worship song. Your creative team could have fun with some video elements to implement this in a live worship setting.
  • ?The Father?s Heart? – This song?s one of the best openers since Hillsong?s Salvation is Here.

Brandon Grissom – Kingdom Come

With Kingdom Come, Brandon brings a very familiar sound that echoes a Hillsong Live album. The melodies are simple, yet catchy, and definitely written with a congregational setting in mind (which makes sense, considering Brandon is a worship leader at Willow Creek.)

My only disappointment with this album is the cover of All Sons & Daughters? ?All The Poor & Powerless?. Other than Brandon?s voice, the song pretty much sounds exactly the same as the original. Despite that, one of the things I love about this album is the simplicity of it. It doesn?t go over the top, but instead feels like you?re listening to an intimate worship set.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

  • ?We Will Stand? – A strong, powerful chorus makes this song ideal for a service opener.
  • ?Send Us Out? – An upbeat melody with a chorus that makes it an excellent choice for a service closer.
  • ?Empty? – This song would make an incredible response song.

The Digital Age – Rehearsals EP

I have to admit, I was in love with this band before they ever released any music. They?ve now released their first EP, and I have to say, I love them even more. They?ve proven that the David Crowder Band minus David Crowder doesn?t have to be bad thing.

I?m also convinced they are one of the only bands that could pull off a song (?Hallelujah?) that is just repeating one word for four minutes. Without a doubt, this EP made me extremely excited for what The Digital Age has up their sleeves.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

  • ?How Great Thou Art? – This is by far the best cover of this hymn I?ve ever heard. Granted, I haven?t heard every single cover of it, but still!
  • ?After All (Holy)? – Originally from DC*B?s final album, this song works great for response/reflective time.
  • ?All the Poor and Powerless? – A cover from All Sons & Daughters, The Digital Age brings a fresh new sound to this song that is sure to be a hit with your congregation.

Heather Clark – Overcome

Heather Clark has an incredible voice that flows well with the melodies of the songs on this album. It?s very obvious by listening to her music that she is passionate about what she?s singing ? which, believe it or not ? can be hard to come by in Christian music.

Unfortunately, many of the songs have the same lyrical and musical structure ? often feeling like a copy of the previous tracks. If you want to hear a passionate worshipper, this is an excellent album. But if you want to hear creative new songs you can use in your worship set, you might have to look elsewhere.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

  • ?Overcome? – A powerful anthem that is especially great for a night of worship opener.
  • ?Lamb of God? – This track would make a great song for Good Friday.
  • ?How Great Thou Art? – You might want to consider using this arrangement.

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