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Worship Album Reviews

The Royal Royal – Royal

I’m absolutely in love with this band. Besides having some great worship tunes, the album is very refreshing to listen to. It’s a complete departure from the typical pop Christian worship.

The album ranges from melancholy indie rock to a bit of electro-pop. At times they remind me of one of my favorite bands ? Passion Pit (minus the occasionally annoying PP vocals).

Unfortunately, the recording style might turn some worship leaders off. The vocals don’t always sit clearly on top of the mix. But if you embrace the lyrics and the infectious melodies, you have some serious gems on your hands.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

  • Praise Him – What an infectious chorus! This is my current favorite song (secular or Christian).
  • How Wonderful – An easy, slower song. The chorus melody has a beautiful lilt to it.

Ben Cantelon – Everything in Color

Ben works closely with Tim Hughes at Worship Central. Apparently the two have rubbed off on each other musically. It’s a pleasant album to listen to. It doesn’t have the instant catchiness of all of Tim’s songs, but the album is worth a listen.

Ben has a great voice that isn’t over-stylized like some of his mates’.

Though it doesn’t sound stylistically similar, this album would be a good friend with your favorite U2 album. It has that positive emotion that so typifies U2?s music.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

  • New Day – A great song that rivals those popular, fast Kristian Stanfill staples.
  • Savior of the World – Reminiscent of Fee’s “Beautiful the Blood”. A great song.
  • My Deliverer – I would jam to this one at a conference but might not bring it back to my congregation. (Although the bridge is killer.)
  • Love Came Down (I’ve Found a Love) – I love the chorus. It would be easy to sing this out at the top of your lungs.
  • Worth it All – This isn’t necessarily a great sing-along. But it would make a great song to drive home the idea of eternity.

Matthew Reed – Come and Drink

Matthew brings us a very raw pop album (though very well produced). If you’re looking for something a little less mainstream but still well-produced, I’d check it out.

The album is fun but not silly…almost serious. Think Death Cab for Cutie with hints of Gungor’s new album. Though he nods his head to those sounds, he isn’t trying to copy. Very refreshing.
Bonus: Download the album for free.?

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

  • Awake, Awake – A song in minor key that gets very positive during the chorus.
  • Come and Drink – The most Death Cabbish song on the album with a really fun Gungor-like interlude.

The Summit Church – Jesus in My Place

This is a collaborative effort from a few different worship leaders at the Summit Church. It’s very well produced with some fun arrangements of both new and established songs.

It’s worth a listen for its arrangements alone. Even though the songs aren?t super memorable, it can give you some fun options to incorporate into your own worship sets.

Stylistically, it fits well with current pop worship music ? though it isn’t rehashing the same sounds on your radio. It’s innovative pop, with a tad of synth rock, worship.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

  • We Welcome You With Praise – Chorus from Matt Redman’s “Here for You”. Verse from “O Come, All Ye Faithful”. Bridge from “Doxology”. Might be a great song for Christmas.
  • How Rich a Treasure We Possess – A great, modern hymn. I really love the outro.
  • Savior of the World – I’m a bigger fan of Ben Cantelon’s original version. But if you’re looking for an interesting switch-up, this might be a good option.

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