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All Sons & Daughters – Live

The folk worship duo, All Sons & Daughters, broke into the worship music scene in 2011 with their first EP, Brokenness Aside. Since then, they?ve become a seeming overnight success, signing with Integrity Music and touring with Chris Tomlin. After a full length album and three EPs, the Tennessee based duo are releasing a live album.

The album, ?Live?, features thirteen live tracks, two of them never before heard on an album or EP before. I love this album and highly recommend you buy it. The only complaint worship leaders might have was the lack of crowd volume ? at times it feels more like a studio recording than live album.

Song to consider for your next worship set:

Medley – Your Glory/Nothing But the Blood – Two excellent songs for the price of one. Now, that?s a deal!


Martin Smith – God?s Great Dance Floor

Martin Smith, former Delirious? frontman, has released his newest solo project, God?s Great Dance Floor, which dives into some new musical territory for the artist. Most people familiar with the Passion conference have already heard parts of ?Back to the Start? from Chris Tomlin?s version, called ?God?s Great Dance Floor.?

In this album, Martin Smith explores new territory with a poppy, electronica feel. If you?re looking for a fun, dance worship album, you might want to check this one out.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

Back to the Start – Extremely fun and dance worthy. If you?re a youth worship leader, you need this song.


Carlos Whittaker – Fight

Carlos Whittaker, most known for his blog Ragamuffin Soul, brings us some new songs with his second full-length album, Fight. My first impression with this album was, ?Wow, that sounds cool.? That might be the problem for worship leaders. This is a great album, but it might be hard for your to implement these well in your worship set.

Overall, I think this is definitely worth a listen. Grab it for the ear candy.


Matt Maher – All The People Said Amen

Matt Maher is one of the most popular and influential voices in modern worship music, and you might not have even realized it. Maher has been a writer on some songs from recent Passion albums and other various contemporary Christian music. All The People Said Amen is Maher?s fourth album with his label, Essential. This album acts as a compilation of some of his best hits ? some recorded in studio and some recorded live.

What makes this album really shine is the live recordings ? hearing the crowd sing along during hits like ?Hold Us Together? is incredibly powerful.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

Alive Again – This will make a great closing song for your service.
Lord, I Need You – Powerful anthem declaring our dependence on God that will work great almost anywhere in your service.
Christ Is Risen – Your Easter service next year? Got you covered.

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