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Bluetree – Kingdom

Aside from their breakout worship hit “God Of This City”, I haven’t heard much buzz about this Belfast-based worship band. Because of this I approached?Kingdom?with an open mind and heart. Immediately I was surprised by not only the production quality, but also by the caliber of songwriting.

Bluetree follows the signature, European worship “sound”. They should be held in the same regard as Tim Hughes, Delirious?, and Matt Redman.?Kingdom?is a passionate reminder of all Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. As a worship leader, one of the most redeeming things about this entire album is that you can pull off almost every song on this album with a 4 or 5 piece band.?Kingdom?really impressed me with both its artistry and production quality. But more than that I?m impressed with its?bold?and honest approach.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

  • “Destined To Reign” – my favorite song and probably the most powerful.?I felt like I grew up singing it.
  • “Glorious Victorious”
  • “It Is Finished” – would make a great service opener or call to worship.
  • “Jesus Healer” – potent verses and an incredibly powerful chorus.

Deluge – Swell

Swell?is the first Deluge album I’ve listened to. And the obvious 80’s influence in the guitars on the first track was a little off-putting. Had I previewed this on iTunes or in a local store, I probably wouldn’t have listened further.

But this album is a live album. One of the good things about it is that you can really hear the crowd; not in the far off arena sounding way, but rather as if you’re in a bigger modern church auditorium. If you’re a Deluge fan, this will meet your expectations of a live album. If you’re a worship leader looking for fresh songs, I?m sad to say you won’t find them here. What you will find is a collection of good songs with a dated sound by a collective of incredibly talented, local church worship artists. Their approach is honest and geared toward their local church.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

  • ?Simple Offering? – has an older sound/feel. The lyrics are powerful, the melody simple, and the chorus is full of passion.
  • ?Healing Is Here? – great song about healing that could work well toward the end of a set.

Desperation Band – Center Of It All

When I saw this album I assumed it would be another live worship album. Instead, it?s an incredible, original, high quality, passion and energy-filled studio album. Center Of It All?is a welcomed departure from Desperation’s usual MO.

If you thought songs from Hillsong United’s?Aftermath?would be difficult to pull off live, you’ll likely put?Center Of It All?in the same category. There is a lot of programming on the album. Thus it may be harder to convey in a live setting. ?Some songs sound more like a remix rather than the album version.

That being said, if you’re a worship leader, I highly recommend this album. It is full of great songs.?This may be my favorite Desperation Band album and has served to remind me they are still capable of producing incredible songs.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

  • ?All To Him? – Easy to sing, easy to play. It?s a great set opener or closer.
  • ?Stronger? – A powerful song of God’s characteristics as both comforter and mighty defender.
  • ?God You Are My God? – Originally by Jason Ingram and friends ? similar to One Sonic Society’s version. This is a great song.
  • ?My God? – Beautiful chorus that paints an accurate and descriptive picture of our God and our response to Him.
  • ?Our God Is Coming? Verses are powerful and chorus is incredibly passionate and powerful. You’ll need to find a way to pull it off with or without the heavily programmed instrumentation.
  • ?This I Know? – Easily singable and teachable chorus. Powerful bridge section, and my favorite song on the album.
  • ?Take Me To The River? Hip hop beat with incredible lyrics that builds and builds. (Might be better suited for student ministries.)

Paul Baloche – The Same Love

How can you give Paul Baloche a bad album review? You can’t.

The Same Love?is a collection of original worship songs with simple melodies and honest lyrics. Paul brings maturity to his latest offering of songs.

The only negative thing about the album is that Paul and friends played it on the safer side; most songs are the standard 4 chords with a minor on the bridge feel.

Overall,?The Same Love?is a great album and should be part of your worship song library. Although, you could go a-la-carte style and just snag the songs listed below without missing much.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

  • “We Are Saved” – Introduce this song to your church. It’s going to make waves.
  • “All Because of Jesus” – Nothing But The Blood with a powerful chorus and bridge.
  • “Your Blood Ran Down” – Perfect for your next communion service.
  • “Oh Our Lord” – Great set/service opener. Can be done acoustically or with full band easily.
  • “Reign In Me” – A cry of surrender to God. Great response song.
  • “Look Upon The Lord” – Kari Jobe + Paul Baloche + passion = awesome.

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