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All Sons & Daughters – The Longing

It seems like yesterday when I gleefully discovered All Sons & Daughters? first EP. I remember thinking to myself, ?These guys are gonna be big.? Not long after, they started touring with Chris Tomlin gaining an even bigger fan base. That shows two things: (1) All Sons & Daughters are awesome and (2) I?m really good at making predictions. That being said, I was thrilled to listen to this new EP. I had high expectations, and I wasn?t let down.

All Sons & Daughters were able to write some excellent new songs without sacrificing creativity or originality. I found this EP to be much better than their first two. If you?re a worship leader or just love great music, buy this EP today.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

?Oh How I Need You? – A modern hymn, of sorts. It would be a great message response song.
?Hear The Sound? ? ?A great song for a night of calm and reflective worship.

Bethel Live – For The Sake Of The World

Bethel Church released their first collective live album in 2009. Since then, they?ve been a strong voice in the worship music community with big hits like ?You Are Good? and ?One Thing Remains.? In their newest release, Bethel brings some familiar sounds from previous albums while adding fresh melodies.

There are some excellent songs on this album for future worship sets, but I don?t think this will be an album you?ll listen to for entertainment. While musically sound, this album lacks lyrical depth and often relies on ?worship clich?s?. With that said, the spontaneous songs do make up for the lack of lyrical depth in the other tracks.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

?To Our God? – This catchy song works great as an opener or response tune.
?In Your Light? – Fun, upbeat, and catchy. It?s a great song to end a set list with.
?Freedom? – This song has a bluegrass feel during the chorus, and I love it. Fast, upbeat, and energetic.

Brenton Brown – God My Rock

Brenton Brown is certainly not new to the worship music industry. This is his fourth full-length album ? not to mention he wrote one of the most popular worship songs, ?Everlasting God?. His newest release brings some familiar songs as well as some new tracks that are sure to be a big hit.

Brenton knocked this album out of the park. Between the original tracks and the covers, there is a distinct uniqueness to these songs. In fact, it was very hard to narrow my favorites down to just a couple. If you are looking for a worship album that brings fresh songs ? whether new or old ? this is an excellent place to look.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

?Joyful? – This song is just plain fun, catchy, and flat out awesome. Ocean depths of happy rest!
?Jesus Take All Of Me (Just As I Am)? – Excellent response/altar call song.
?Hosanna (Praise is Rising)? – It may have been a while since you last played this one ? and this version is worth re-implementing into your worship sets.
?Everlasting God/How He Loves? – What do you do with two of the greatest worship songs ever? You mash them up into mega-song!

A New Liturgy – No. 4: Creation

I?m always up for worship music that?s a little different than the norm. That?s why this album got me excited. I didn?t quite know what to expect, but I was absolutely blown away. I?ve never before listened to such a beautiful combination of song and spoken word.

If you?re tired of the same old worship songs, you need this album. Not all the songs are ?congregational? in the modern sense, although many do have corporate readings. They might not be right for your church, but it?s worth checking out.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

?For the Beauty of the Earth? – A great combination of song and spoken word. This song is very happy. Great as an opener.
?Do it Again (reading)? – I wish more churches would implement readings and spoken word. This particular reading was incredibly profound.
?Psalm 8? – Excellent for a response song after a message on creation or the majesty of God.
?This is My Father?s World? – This track is full of joy and praise. It?s definitely worth considering for ending your service.

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