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Jared Anderson – The Narrow Road

When I like an artist, I get legitimately scared that I?ll be disappointed with their new albums. I?ve always loved Jared Anderson?s music. And I can say I definitely wasn?t disappointed.

The album can drag a bit at times ? specifically between tracks 7 and 10. But it?has so many other great songs, I’m willing to overlook it. The songs ?Bless the Lord? and ?Impossible Possible? make great worship openers you should definitely check out.

It’s an excellent worship album and definitely worth picking up.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

Impossible Possible?- An energetic, exciting opener.
Great I Am?- This song is reminiscent of ?Revelation Song?.
I Am Free?- Great version. Powerful opener, closer, or in-betweener.

Eddie Kirkland – Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens brings an interesting mix of congregational worship songs and Christian radio friendly songs. Songs like ?Here and Now? and ?Glory to the King? will be a big hit in your congregation.

One of my favorite tracks is ?Lights of Manhattan (Let It Rise)? because it uses modern-day imagery in a worship song. I?m not sure how well this translates in a congregational worship setting. But either way, it?s an excellent song.

This is a great first full-length album for Eddie Kirkland ? but definitely more radio-friendly than congregation-friendly.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

Here and Now – This song is a must-have in your worship set.
Hosanna – This is a great response song or service closer.
Glory to the King – A great congregational song with a few oooh?s.

Journey Church – Take Your Place

I’m normally not a big fan of church worship albums ? especially churches I’ve never heard of like Journey. My expectations were low, and the worship team at Journey blew them away. The lyrics stray away from common worship music cliches.

If I were you, I would check out Take Your Place.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

You Are Wonderful – Simple but powerful chorus.
All Our Love – Would make a great opener. Catchy, infectious chorus.
Lamb Who Reigns – Consider this song for your Good Friday set next year.

Will Retherford – Walk

A few months ago I discovered Will Retherford?s Awake EP on Spotify. The main reason I decided to give him a listen was because his album artwork was really awesome (yeah, I judge books by their covers). I was immediately drawn in by his creativity and passion. Now he has a new full-length album out. It’ll be on repeat for a while. I absolutely love this album.

Will Retherford brings powerful worship songs that I felt myself being drawn into more than any of CCLI?s top 25. Between the creative melodies and infectious choruses, this is probably one of my favorite worship albums this year.

Songs to consider for your next worship set:

Arise – Excellent worship opener. Upbeat, fun, and catchy.
Seasons – A great response song ? specifically after a message on trials.
At Your Cross – This song is catchy and would be great in the middle of a worship set.

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