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The Set List


Queen Medley ? They opened with a medley of Queen songs? ?We Will Rock You? and ?We Are the Champions?. This was probably a pretty risky choice for an Easter service. But they wanted to break down their guests? barriers and show them that they could expect something a little different from this Easter service.

Worship Service

Spoken Word Video (3:10) ? Filmed and scored by the Christ?s Church of the Valley team.

No One Higher (1:08) ? They knew before they even filmed the spoken word video that they wanted to transition directly to this song. So they told the slam poet they hired that they wanted there to be a seamless transition, both in lyrics and in energy. They directed him when they filmed it to make sure he ended his segment with the appropriate power and dynamics that would lead well into this short chorus.

Stronger (3:55) ? They began this song with the chorus so it would flow seamlessly from the previous song. Then they sang the whole song.

How Great is Our God (3:17) ? This song began?another seamless transition?with the bridge. Then they sang the whole song from the second verse on to create a shorter version of the song for time.

Meditation/Communion Time/Offering (9:10)

Your Great Name (4:06) ? For this post-meditation song, they wanted it to be a very powerful moment in the service. All the other songs and moments were meant to lead up to this moment. So they brought a cellist on stage and accompanied the band with a very cool backing track, containing some nice digital elements.

Video Bumper (1:04)

Message (27:00)

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