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You Just Never Know

In my early adulthood I soon discovered that my love of numbers and the ability to creatively report?them was?useful on the job.

This grew with a desire to make it “look pretty” with colors, fonts, and imagery. Alongside the grind of work, starting a family stirred the desire to photograph our new life along the way. Little did I know, this was the Lord stirring up the gifts He gave me.

When I was young I thought my future would be as an accountant, veterinarian, horse trainer, or computer genius. I am none of these. Well, some say I am a genius. Without a doubt I knew I would be married and have four children. That did happen. It’s amazing to see how we can aim for so much in life, but you just never know what God has planned.

The funny thing is, today I don’t know what the future holds anymore than I did when I wanted to be an accountant. Yet I have enough experience and faith now to know the Lord is leading the way. With nothing more than a high school education and a few college classes under my belt, God has appointed me a ministry leader, a collaborator on many projects, a trusted advisor, and much more in the ministry.

That is nothing but God. It is very clear He has a plan for me and I just never know until it unfolds before my eyes.

You never know what simple act of kindness, shared tweet, webinar viewed, resource started, blog post read, or conference you attend will?be the spark to set off God’s plan in your life. You just never know.

Just be looking for it so you don’t miss it.

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